The Ups and Downs of Counting Traffic

Theme parks are rapidly becoming some of the most visited attractions in the world popular among families with children, and young adults.   People counters could change the way a park is run and managers could improve upon park design, by identifying the sections of the park that see the most traffic. Investing in a people counter for a theme park will help staff avoid any bottlenecks that may occur, as well as reducing wait times for popular rides in the parks, managers can also use this technology to see which rides get the least traction in the park and using this data, they can come up with a campaign to help make the struggling parts of their park become popular again.  People counters can help ensure that there is enough staff on hand for every section of the park, having an efficient staff that can help diffuse situations as they arise is an important asset to have. Staffing, especially in a theme park is a vital part of what makes a park run smoothly. The use of people counters in your gift shops and food courts can help you keep track of closing ratios and how many people wandered in but didn’t buy. Security is another factor that people counters can help enforce within a theme park. The reports generated from the people counters can help with crisis management protocols. 

 Hygiene and upkeep of a theme park are other vital parts of the experience by counting how many people have used a ride at a time, employees are able to gauge when to go in and clean the attractions. Keeping an amusement park clean is part of the appeal, families are more likely to spend their time and money in a park if it is clean.   People counters can also ensure that the data collected is accurate, by counting families as a group instead of individually. Data compiled from people counters can help theme parks and their visitors get the most out of their experiences. 

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