Tips from Trax to keep yourself on track!

The current climate of the workplace has switched from office space to home spaces, here are some tips from us here at Trax to keep you on track when your train of thought isn’t. Working from home can be distracting and make it seem like the morning routine doesn’t have to be the same but the routine will be easier to fall back into if it never changes,  so grab that morning cup of coffee, hop in the shower and get dressed for the day it’ll help motivate  work ethic and keep  a regular schedule. Finding the perfect place to work inside the house can be a challenge, it works best if there is a designated space where you feel comfortable working and comfortable leaving when you’re off the clock.  Proper scheduling is just as important when working from home as it would be at the office, having a set schedule while working from home helps keep important tasks on track. Scheduling also helps you know when to take proper breaks, oftentimes when working from home the work never stops, designate a break time, step away from your workspace and occupy your mind with other things for a bit, try to align it with when you would go on break at the office, it makes it easier when you finally do get back to work to fall into your routine again. These are just some tips to help make the work from home experience as painless as possible.

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