How Underpriced Furniture Uses Trax Sales Products to Increase Sales


When it comes to keeping up with door traffic at a high-volume furniture store like Underpriced Furniture, it’s vital that we not only get an accurate count in order to unearth all the valuable data hidden within those numbers, but it’s also important to make certain that our salespeople are serving our customers well during and after their visits in order to maximize every sales opportunity. In order to do that, we trust Trax Sales to provide us with the tools we need to get an accurate customer count, given the vital sales, marketing, and operational data that can be extracted from that number.


Visual Proof 2 Door Counter

Of all the tools Underpriced Furniture employs in our quest for analytical sales data, the first one — sequentially speaking — is the Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System we use at the front door. With an average of over 13,000 individual entries per month, it’s important that we have the most accurate counts possible. The Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System ensures that by not only taking a high-definition photo every time the motion sensor is activated when a customer enters the store, but it also allows us to personally review each photo to delete unwanted entries (delivery people, solicitors, etc.) from the gross customer count, leaving us with an actual net customer count for the hours that we were open that day.


As an added benefit, the Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System also allows us to designate which salesperson the customer is being assigned to, not only because it’s a  wonderful way to keep tabs on who’s working with whom, but it also helps to increase the accountability that keeps the salesperson engaged with their customer.


Trax Sales UpBoard CRM: During the Visit

At Underpriced Furniture, we use the Trax Sales Upboard CRM to not only keep track of sales opportunities once they’re in the store, but because it’s a full-fledged web-based CRM, it empowers the salespeople to keep easy contact with the customer (or prospect) even after they’ve left, from wherever they are! Even though it can be utilized from any computer in the store, we choose to employ a PC at the front door where a greeter or floor manager greets customers while maintaining the UpBoard for the sales staff. For example, after the customer has entered the store, an available salesperson that is in the “On Deck” list is assigned to the customer. In addition, even though we use a combination of methods such as two-way radios with discreet in-ear headsets to keep salespeople aware of “On Deck” order and customers that have entered the store, by far, the easiest, most convenient method is the ability for salespeople (or any store staff, for that matter) to log into the live eTrax Sales website from any device to see the real-time order and movement of the UpBoard and all the salespeople working that shift. Simply put, it doesn’t get any easier than that for all the people involved.


Trax Sales UpBoard CRM: After the Visit

It’s not until after the customer’s visit that the full functionality and convenience of the Trax Sales Upboard CRM is fully utilized, however. Not only does it allow you to generate over 25 different comprehensive, detailed reports, anytime and anywhere, regarding nearly every facet of a salesperson’s performance, but the system also allows the salesperson the ability to monitor every sales opportunity that comes their way. No matter if it’s a customer who has purchased from us and to whom the salesperson can send a ‘thank you’ email or a follow-up for another visit based on a stated future need (“We’re planning on redoing our kid’s room in August after they move off to school…”), or if it’s to follow up with someone who said they need to go “look around” and would “be back,” the UpBoard CRM can empower and encourage the salespeople to fill their sales pipelines in order to maximize sales and establish a productive, repeat relationship with every one of their opportunities. The UpBoard CRM allows salespeople to schedule future actions in order to build rapport and secure future business with daily email reminders that are sent directly to the salespeople for the ultimate in convenience.


For more information on Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System, the Trax Sales Upboard CRM, or any of the other products and support Trax Sales offers to retailers like Underpriced Furniture to maximize business by increasing sales and profitability, contact a Trax Sales representative today to request a FREE, no-obligation demonstration of this revolutionary system.

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