Underpriced Furniture & the Visual Proof Traffic Counter

As with any other traditional brick-and-mortar retail business, we here at Underpriced Furniture understand all too well the importance of foot traffic. Even though we’re located in the heart of the Greater Metro Atlanta area and tend to receive a lot of impromptu walk-in traffic, we still dedicate a lot of our marketing efforts to local television and radio advertisements in an effort to highlight special promotions and draw new customers into our store. And just as any responsible business would, Underpriced Furniture uses the TRAXSales Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System in order to take advantage of the valuable information “hidden” inside the data that a retail door counter has the potential to unlock. Here are just a couple key benefits we enjoy with the Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System.

True Customer Counts
It’s no secret that key sales, marketing, and operational data is derived, in part, from the number of customers coming through the door. Therefore, we place a premium on getting an accurate count of actual customers. On any given day, we get delivery people, product vendors, random solicitors, and other non-customers that enter our store, wreaking havoc on our true customer count. With a less advanced counter, unique situations such as customers that have already entered the store once who go outside to smoke or to get something out of the car might be counted as yet another customer when they re-enter the store. In addition, groups of people who walk in together (families, for example) could be counted as multiple entries without the proper equipment necessary to oversee and delete these “phantom” entries that can skew the actual numbers that we rely so heavily upon. Therefore, it’s important for us to know who is — and isn’t — an actual customer. The Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System is a highly accurate counter that allows us to personally review each entry to delete the unwanted entries from the final customer count, leaving us with an actual net customer count for our hours of business that day. It takes a high-definition photo every time the sensor is activated, which makes the Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System one of the simplest and most accurate retail door counting systems available today.

Average Revenue Per Customer
Once we have a true customer count, we’re able to then determine our average revenue per customer, another key performance indicator that’s used on a daily basis here at Underpriced Furniture. We determine our average revenue per customer by dividing our daily sales total by the number of “clicks” or customer entries logged by our door counter. This number not only helps us to measure how effective the salesperson is at adding to the order in an effort to increase its overall amount, but it helps us to maximize each and every customer opportunity. After all, an increase in the number of customers isn’t the only way to boost revenue; revenues can also increase by simply getting our existing customers to spend more money. In other words, while getting more customers in the door might mean spending more money on marketing, it costs us nothing to get our existing customers to spend more while they’re here, thus saving us money and making more all at the same time.

Trust TraxSales
In addition to all the wonderful services TraxSales provides Underpriced Furniture in an effort to help us grow our business, Dave and his team of professionals have always been dedicated to serving us with the kind of world-class customer service we’d expect from a company that serves a variety of private and public companies ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

We recommend that you contact TraxSales today to see how they can help you make the most of every sales opportunity.

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