Understanding Five Key Upboard Reports

What is the key to taking your sales numbers from average to unbelievable? Information! But busy store owners & managers rarely have time to run report after report every day to stay on top of all their important information.

Let TraxSALES take the guesswork out of your business with the Upboard system!

There are FIVE reports within the Upboard system that will transform your business- & they can be delivered to you daily.

  1. Information Gathering Efficiency Report. This report instantly lets you know if your salespeople are capturing quality information on the customers who do not purchase on their first shopping trip. Our goal is to get quality information on at least 50% of your unsold prospective customers and help your salespeople develop long term relationships with all of your customers.
  2. Performance Summary. Automatically prints each morning for yesterday’s activity. Prints each week on Monday morning and prints again at the end of each month. This summary can be distributed to the store owner every morning for on-the-go & at-a-glance information on the store’s daily, weekly, & monthly activity.
  3. Performance Letter. Prints automatically each week and is a recap of the performance summary personalized for each salesperson.  Distribute to the sales staff weekly for staff accountability & progress updates.
  4. Closing Ratios Bby Product Category by Salesperson. This report automatically prints monthly for each salesperson but may be accessed any time for individual coaching and training.
  5. Goals Achievement. Automatically prints weekly for individual coaching and training. This is a report that should be followed closely. It tells you at a glance if a salesperson is having a problem or is on track for a record month. We set the goals for you based on an estimate, and they may need adjusted by you each month.

Owning a business is hard. Analyzing your data shouldn’t be. With TraxSALES, reports on your customers, staff, & store performance are available all in one place. Get started with the Upboard & change your business today- call 713-466-7177.

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