Utilizing the Revenue Per Guest Report to Transform Your Sales Numbers

We have all heard many guarantees on what will improve sales performance. Unfortunately, the majority of those guarantees are hard to implement or measure. How do you bridge that gap & identify strategies that truly work?

Let’s breakdown one of our reports you can use to improve your sales tomorrow.

The Revenue Per Guest Report is the most important metric you can provide your company.  Most store managers or owners know & track their dollar volumes, opportunities, & average sales metrics. What is missing is identifying the number of opportunities at each store.

With the TraxSALES Visual Proof Traffic Counter, we automatically identify RPG by multiplying average sale by conversion ratio. Store managers & owners can easily view the dollar value of each opportunity that comes through the door of every store- whether they purchase or not.

This is huge- you can easily discover which store is truly the best in the company and it’s not always the top sales volume store!  You can easily compare the smaller stores to the high volume large stores accurately.

For example, out of the last 1,000 opportunities for each store what was the performance? It may take a large store less than a week to see 1,000 customers and a small store more than a month but the metrics are exactly the same! The playing field with RPG is completely level.

Along with identifying your top performers, you can focus on the stores at the bottom of RPG stats & you are guaranteed positive change. RPG number shows each company immediately which stores are underperforming. Identifying underperformers leads to fast and noticeable improvements. You can even break the reports down by salesperson!


The RPG report:

  • Shows revenue generated per opportunity
  • Reports by day, week, month, quarter or year
  • Tracks average sale
  • Tracks closing ratio
  • Tracks dollar volume
  • Compares multiple locations

Owning a business is hard. Analyzing your data shouldn’t be. With Trax, reports on your customers, staff, & store performance are available all in one place. Get started with the RPG report & more today- call 713-466-7177

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