3 Quick Steps to Retail Success

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s discuss 3 steps you can implement TODAY to change your business.
1. Measure customer traffic. Before you can assess or improve your sales staff, store layout, scheduling, or any other metrics, you must know how many customers are walking in your store every day. Manually, you could install a surveillance camera & estimate your foot traffic or use social media to encourage customers to check-in at the store. If manual counting is not for you, consider a retail traffic counter system.

2. Evaluate advertising efforts. Advertising & marketing efforts can be quite expensive, so knowing which promotions are converting views into traffic at your stores can save you money and increase the ROI of your advertising campaigns. Don’t trust the advertiser’s numbers- always create your own tracking system for accurate information. Use simple metrics like custom phone numbers, separate landing pages, or unique coupon codes to quickly & accurately track how each customer found your business.

3. Optimize scheduling. What’s next? Time to optimize your staffing schedule! Your manual or professional traffic counting system will help you understand the flow of visitors into your store- the exact days & times your store is experiences large crowds as well as when your store is less busy. Knowing your peak and off hours/days will help you ensure that you have sufficient employees to cover your store during the busy hours and not waste manpower during slow shifts. Optimized staffing means less overhead and a better shopping experience for the customer.

The end message is simple- in today’s market, guessing is no longer good enough. The only difference between you & those businesses you admire is that they are not blocking access to their information- & you are. Let’s change that! Owning a business is hard. Analyzing your data shouldn’t be. With Trax, reports on your customers, staff, & store performance are available all in one place. Learn more.

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