Adapting to Change

Some work environments are not always the best if you as an employer, are feeling a dip in company morale you may need to take off your boss goggles and really ask yourself, if the roles were reversed, would you enjoy working here? If so, how can you get others to feel that way? If not, how can you improve it?

According to Andre Lavoie of, it is always good to be open and honest with employees. “Transparency is always a best practice, but it is especially beneficial during major changes in the workplace. When management doesn’t openly address big company news, employees feel left in the dark. “ As with most things, stress tends to mount if unchecked, so it is infinitely better when employees share big news with staff, that way they can share the load when it comes to making decisions. It doesn’t take a lot for employees to remind staff that they are more than just a cog in the machine that makes the company run. “Employees’ morale hinges on whether or not they feel valued by their employers.

Managers need to design an employee recognition program that is ongoing and consistent, even as changes arise. Importantly, don’t leave the staff guessing” Lavioe continues. When employees are made aware of how their work affects other people, and how much their work is appreciated, it can make a world of difference. If an employee is unaware of what exactly their roles are, it can get a bit confusing. Company culture has many components including work environment, mission, values, and expectations. Workers are more likely to enjoy working at a company when they feel like they can reach their full potential.

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