Choices in Retail

As the digital age progresses retail store owners are looking for new ways to count customer traffic. Customer counts matter, and there is no doubt that retailers want them as soon and as accurately as possible. Many of the customer traffic counters on the market today use infrared technology, which often results in inaccurate data because an infrared system is based on thermal energy and a crowd of customers could throw off counts, thus making the data inaccurate. With a camera-based customer traffic counting system, store owners and their employees are able to receive reliable data.  With all of the options, different systems, and packages available some business owners may still question why having a traffic counter in their store is even necessary. Mark Ryski of Loss Prevention Media weighs in “ No transaction-based system, even the most sophisticated, can tell you about the sale you almost had. It all starts with traffic. If prospects don’t visit your store, you have no chance of making a sale. So, understanding prospect visitation is vital to understanding the sales opportunity. “

 The data provided when business owners invest in a traffic counter changes the way they view their sales. Heavy foot traffic can sometimes be a pain because, without traffic counters, retailers would not be able to track the number of sales they have made throughout the day. A customer traffic counter is a kind of like a play by play for your store, you can review the footage after the chaos of the day is over and make informed choices about what to do for the next day. Traffic counters provide store owners with the technology to create better salespeople by allowing owners to see the sales they make and also able to see sales they almost made. The data generated from a traffic counter is given to retail owners, that data is then shared with the salespeople along with their employers’ insight to create better salespeople.

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