Ask These Questions Before Buying a People Counting System

Do you want to install a people counting system in your retail store but don’t know how to choose the right one? You are in the right place. In this article, we will share some tips to help you pick a people counter that works for you. 


Further, whether it is your first time looking for a traffic counting device or you have already used one and want to upgrade it. In any case, you can read this post for clear guidance. Look at the below points to learn more. 

What is the accuracy level of the people counting system?

When it comes to buying a football counter, considering accuracy is essential. In addition to ensuring accuracy, your system should also work consistently. After all, traffic counters from some brands can offer 90% accuracy while others can be more or less. 

Is it easy to install a traffic counting system?

If we talk about installing a camera-based or wired system, it will be challenging to install. You will need to call a professional for technical help; for example, you will have to run cables and install a power outlet. 

What are the specifications of the physical environment?

You need to consider the physical environment of the counter area, such as width, the type of door, foot traffic density, lighting conditions, wiring, and more. This will help you choose a people counting system that best suits your needs. 


Are the people counting systems adaptable to new situations?

When buying a traffic counting system for your business, make sure it is able to work in different situations. You can learn more about the system you want to install in your store to confirm if things are as per your needs. 

Is the people’s counter system scalable?

On the way to buying a traffic counting device for your store, you should make sure of the capabilities of the systems. This means you need to know if the system you are installing supports future technology and can efficiently work with different sensors in a centralized platform. 

What is the reporting ability of the people counting system?

This is one of the crucial questions to ask your people counting device installation companies. You should ask if the system is capable of offering reporting services. It is good to have a powerful traffic sensor with quality data reporting. 

Comparison capabilities

Another thing to consider when buying a people counter is if the system is capable of comparing the performance of different store locations. After all, you can analyze foot traffic and conversions to ensure which store is performing better. In that way, you can make intelligent business decisions if you have to expand to a new location.  


Final Words

These are some questions you can ask yourself before installing a people-counting system in your brick-and-mortar store. 


Trax Sales is here to answer all your questions regarding your traffic counting needs. We offer a complete business solution for different kinds of physical businesses like retail stores. Our systems are equipped with live traffic analytics, visual proof, staff performance analysis, and conversation performance. 


The system offers 100% accurate customer count with live monitoring and alerts. Whether it is about short-term or long-term foot traffic, our traffic counter will always help you. 


If we talk about some exceptional features of our systems, they are:


  • Automatic sales rotation.

  • Capturing unsold customer information.

  • Conversion analytics by product category.

  • Personalized performance letters.


There is more to know about our people counting systems. 


If you wish to have detailed information about how you can benefit your business from our systems, visit our website and give us a call. We will handle the rest.

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