People Counting Pitfalls (And How To Avoid Them)

People Counting Pitfalls (And how to avoid them)  

 Have you ever felt like your business was on a cliff and any small upset would upend it?  There are a lot of moving parts that go into the success of a retailer.  The technological advancements that have been made to enhance the customer’s experiences are a key factor. The digital world has helped owners expand their reach and helps them get to know their target audience on a deeper level.  One of the rookie mistakes that are common for new salespeople is not knowing enough about your target demographic. These technological advances have helped business owners acquaint themselves with the latest marketing trends and customer shopping patterns. People counters allow retailers to keep tabs on what’s new and upcoming in the marketing sphere as well as promotions and enhancing customer experience. This article will cover 10 retail pitfalls that are easy to stumble into and how investing in a people counter will help business owners avoid them. 

  1. Not Knowing your Target Market is a mistake you can’t afford. If store owners know their demographic and their shopping patterns, it becomes simpler to give them what they need. Being in the know for retailers can be tricky because store owners have to keep an eye on marketing trends to market their products in a way that is both lucrative for them and fun for their customers. A people counter can help you get to know your target audience by monitoring where customers are spending most of their time in your store and what items they spent the most time looking at. Marketing is the beating heart of a business. A good marketing strategy can carry a lot of weight and if a retailer doesn’t hit the mark they run the risk of losing out on sales and may even alienate current customers. 


  1. Not Utilizing Advertising Effectively really harms your strategy. Marketing is an art that can take years to master, it isn’t always meant to be in a customer’s face, sometimes marketing is subtle, and shifting a product from something a customer needs to something they want is tricky, but not impossible. Investing in a retail people counter will help you to market your product effectively and use an advertising campaign to its full potential. People counting technology can help owners hone in on weaknesses and strengthen campaigns. Store owners can generate a buzz for their products more effectively by installing a people counter in their stores. People counters help to organize data and metrics so that they are easy to interpret. Store owners can then use that data to form advertising campaigns and promotions that are targeted toward the customer’s needs.
  2. Not Tracking Sales may be hurting your business.  Business owners run the risk of missing out on big sales if they don’t track them. Losing a sale can be detrimental to owners and their revenue. If the sale isn’t tracked, how can numbers be improved upon in the future? In this era of hybrid shopping experiences, it’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced world of retail, and tracking sales may be the last thing on an owner’s mind, but with a people counter it’s simple to keep up with everything going on in the store. Think of a people counter as a replay of a football game, if the coach doesn’t know how to best improve performance on the field and isn’t making informed decisions to help the whole team succeed then the game is a lost cause. It is quite the same in retail. People counters not only help owners track their sales, but they can also help improve salesperson performance. 
  3. Not Counting Traffic can become a fatal flaw over time, not only are owners missing out on sales but also on human connection with customers. Investing in a retail people counter helps salespeople curate a deeper connection with their customers. A traffic counter can turn the customer from just a number to a connection- and fast!  From tracking the way customers shop to what exactly they came into the store to buy. Investing in a traffic counter will help salespeople better understand their customers and allow ample room for building trust. Which in turn will create customer and brand loyalty. If a business owner doesn’t invest in a traffic counter they could lose valuable insight and tools to turn a customer from a regular joe to a brand loyalist. 


  1. Not Measuring sales can also hurt your revenue. It’s one thing to track your sales, it’s an entirely different thing to measure them. Investing in a retail people counter will allow store owners to access tangible, quantifiable sales data from their stores which would mean that proper benchmarks and sales goals can be reached easily and timely.  Instead of going in blind to what the customer needs, traffic counters will provide salespeople with a guide to customer satisfaction. Use a people counter to not only track your customers but to measure the impact that various ad campaigns will have on their shopping experiences. Not measuring traffic volume or sales can put a store owner at a major disadvantage because there is no way to tell when sales increase or decrease daily without people counting technology. Retail people counters provide benchmarks and help salespeople set the goals they need to reach for success. If a sale goes unmeasured how can you expect to manage it?


  1. Unmanaged sales can lead to an unruly sales floor. People counters can give you unparalleled insight into how to manage your salesfloor, from staffing correctly and marketing campaigns as well as providing each salesperson with their progress report so they can create their own sales goals and benchmarks and come up with a plan to boost their personal best. People counters are vital tools to have in storefronts, not just for owners to get a glimpse into store data but for salespeople to manage their performance goals. People counters can help create healthy competition between salespeople and boost company morale. 

  1. Being unaware is a downfall many retailers don’t know they have. A people counter keeps owners aware of their audience, marketing trends, customer purchasing habits, salespeople, and revenue. Retail trends are constantly changing, owners should be able to keep up. People counters allow stores to constantly and consistently monitor changes in-store and help business owners stay ahead of the game. Marketing is vital when it comes to awareness because if customers are not intrigued they aren’t going to think twice about your product or service. A great advertising campaign starts from studying your customers and what makes them reach for the items on your shelves and can be improved by investing in a people counter. 


  1. Not Benchmarking staff and sales goals is a mistake that many retailers make unknowingly.  Investing in a people counter isn’t just for store owners anymore, this technology will allow staff to monitor their own sales goals and help them keep on track with staffing. A people counter will reinvigorate staff and help them see their future with the company as well as help improve closing ratios by salesperson by store. People counters allow store owners and salespeople to see when a store is understaffed or overstaffed. People counting technology is essential to keep store owners and salespeople on track and on task. If store owners don’t make time for benchmarking important milestones with their salespeople they run the risk of losing loyal salespeople and sales may start to suffer as a result. 
People Counter
  1. Not Utilizing Customer Data Effectively can hinder customer experiences. Installing a people counter in a store will give store owners insight into their customers by collecting customer data and metrics about shopping patterns that will help the store succeed both in the short and long term. Not having a way to accurately measure customer data is detrimental to marketing and promotional materials. Store owners and customers miss out on a much more concise and targeted experience without the people-counting technology installed. 

With a people counter store owners are given access to store data that can provide valuable insight into customer experience and overall preferences. Using the right tools, a store owner or employee can access the right amount of information to match a customer’s preference or intent on a shopping trip. Store owners can make informed decisions about marketing or promotional materials with a people-counting system that works. 


  1. Not Focusing On Customers may be a problem for business owners that do not have access to the data and metrics that are provided by a people counter. People counters are equipped with these types of reports that will ensure success for business owners. If store owners lose sight of customer satisfaction it is a detriment to their company as a whole. Customers are the lifeblood of the retail business. People counting technology can help retailers reconnect with their customer base by providing advertising tailored to how they shop making it more likely that they will return to the store. People counters may also help strengthen salesperson and customer rapport where it may have been lacking previously. 

Why work with Traxsales?

Have you ever been accused of losing sight of your customer base? Has the unforgiving world of retail rendered your store in need of a wake-up call? People counting technology may be able to help you get back on track. Customizable reports can give you insider shopping data on your customers so you don’t have to stress. People counters allow you to capture and analyze store data on a store-by-store basis so you can become more efficient without losing the sales momentum you have created. A people counter allows you to focus on your customer and help them well past the point of sale ensuring that your customer service and satisfaction rates are unmatched. Are you looking for a people counter that will ensure your retail store is staying relevant in today’s overly competitive market?  Are you looking for technology that accurately counts customer traffic and doesn’t discount customer satisfaction? 

 What you get with the TraxSales People Counting system is unmatched by any other on the market today. We provide retailers with detailed hourly staffing reports that provide alerts when a store is understaffed, as well as a time-stamped photo of every opportunity providing salespeople and store owners with accountability for their sales that they may be missing out on. We also offer vital conversion ratio information that allows retailers to monitor their store’s closing ratios as well as a closing ratio by specific salespeople. This specific people-counting technology allows for benchmarks to be made and kept by store owners and salespeople alike. If owners allow sales to go unmanaged and unmeasured they are missing vital customer and store information that could be used to increase revenue. 

Owning a  Traxsales People Counting system will help you avoid these common retail store pitfalls that any store owner can make if they aren’t careful. Traxsales integrates with your existing POS system making it simple to gather only the data we need to help you track customer data. Traxsales technology allows our team to set up an API so that owners may use their existing customer data, as well as any new data that might be gathered to improve sales and revenue. 

Get in contact with one of our talented technicians today and they will help you and your store avoid the 10 pitfalls of people counting. Call TRAXsales today and we will schedule your free no-obligation demo of our retail people counting system, as well as our UpBoard CRM system and sales analytics tools that will help your business succeed in the retail sector. Are you tired of looking at stale sales numbers? Is your business suffering from any of the pitfalls mentioned above? Join together with countless retailers that have been where you are and go with a name in people counting you can trust. TRAXSales is here for you and your business. Contact us today!

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