Corinne Jewelers Testimonial

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Can you please take a moment and tell our readers a little bit about your company?

Corinne Jewelers is a 3rd generation family owned Jeweler specializing in Diamonds , Fine Jewelry and Custom Design.

How did you originally find Trax? Who recommended you to our company? 

A colleague recommended Trax when I originally set out on finding a reliable door counter.

What was the primary reason that you chose Trax?

This is a very user friendly system that has a incredible amount of data to help your business.

Please tell us what your experience has been with our system.

I’m ashamed to say until last year we had no traffic information other than what was in our heads and what we assumed. Following up with sold customers we used our POS system which works quite well. The strength of the Trax system in my opinion has been following up and tracking our “unsold” opportunities which until now we did not have a means to do so.

What were you originally doing in your stores to track customer traffic and to follow up with unsold customers?

Before Trax we used an excel spreadsheet to monitor our bridal sales opportunities. It was not efficient and it required unnecessary upkeep. My salespeople love having a quick easy to use database of all their sold and unsold opportunities.

How have your sales people reacted to the use of Trax? How has the system changed the way you manage your company?

Being a bridal store I find the reports that allow me to track my opportunities the most useful as bridal tends to be a 0- 90 days buying cycle. With Trax nothing slips through the cracks and we are monitoring and putting our best foot forward on each and every opportunity we have.

We have had the door counter in for almost a year but just recently put in the opportunity tracker & CRM. I feel strongly it will increase our business in 2018.

If someone called you about Trax what would you tell them?

This system is a no brainer for those who want to measure their business by the numbers and that Dave will work tirelessly to help you succeed.

Ryan Blumenthal Owner
Corinne Jewelers

"If you can't track it, then you can't manage it"


Office: 713-466-7177

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