Do You Want to Monitor All Your Store Locations at One Time Easily?

As an owner or manager of multiple store locations, do you ever get the feeling that when you are not overlooking them with a watchful eye they are not generating the maximum amount of sales and revenue?

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No one can be in multiple places at one time and as a manager even if you have cameras installed you cannot be watching them at all hours, you have too much to do. How do you hold those running the stores accountable for sales conversions and making sure that everything is running at it’s utmost potential?

There is now a way for you to ensure accountability and productivity at every location you own or manage. It is with the use of the combination of camera technology and retail traffic counting. This technology tied into your point of sale system will hold each part of your organization responsible for their assigned functions; be it sales, management, staffing, or marketing.

The days of the infrared retail traffic counters is coming to an end as technology is advancing to a point where you can get photos of clients entering your stores, know who your clients are and take out counts of people that are not sales opportunities like deliveryman and employees. Giving you the most accurate traffic counts as well as the ability to monitor your stores without having to be there.

Compare store performance, sales person performance, store traffic and total sales from anyplace with an internet connection.

The old saying when the cat’s away the mice will play will no longer hold true in your business and that means more profits, more sales and staying ahead of your competitors. It is time to take that next step now, a 15 minute demo could increase profits by over 10%……..would that be worth 15 minutes to you?

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