Want To Stay Ahead of Your Retail Competitors & Take Their Customers?

With the holiday season approaching rapidly, Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner.  Most retail owners are already hiring and training to staff for the holiday crowds and getting ready to cash in on this sales season.
How would you like to make more money, steal customers from your competitors and have one of your best holiday sales seasons? Most likely you answered yes to all of those questions unless you are not in business to make money.

Giving your clients the best customer service possible and optimizing sales conversions means that you need the right amount of employees on the floor to give the customers the best client experience possible as well as inform them about the products they are interested in purchasing.  A customer left alone can mean a lost sales opportunity which means they could go next door or down the street and give their money to your competition.  No one wants to give money away, especially to someone that is in business against them.

But what if you could ensure that you were properly staffed during both high and low periods of traffic flow at your store or showroom? What if you did not have to pay extra money to employees that were not working during slow periods?  You can do that and at the same time make money.

If someone told you that you could increase your sales by 10% this year, what would that mean for your location? An extra $10,000, $50,000, $100,000? Would you pay close to $1000 for that?

Retail traffic counters are that solution and on with camera technology that gives you automatically generated daily reports on staffing, traffic flow, and sales conversions will allow you to make this the best holiday sales season in your history.  Walmart just implemented these systems in order to improve customer service…….which results in more sales conversions……which results in more money.
Have not heard of these systems or do not know what they do, there is a free ebook that gives you a breakdown called “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”.  Get the eBook below and see why you will be counting more money after the holiday crowds have passed.

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