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Can you please take a moment and tell our readers a little bit about your company? 

Berrios is a Puerto Rican company that has been giving our clients seriousness, commitment, guarantee and service for more than 45 years.

One of the greatest stories of commercial success in Puerto Rico began more than 45 years ago in a small store of 720 square feet in the town of Cidra. A simple, humble man, of great sincerity and with great faith in God, started a small business selling furniture in 1974 precisely in the “year of bankruptcies.” Florencio Berrios, “Floro”, as everyone affectionately calls him, opened his first furniture store with the unselfish help of his brother Gabriel. Two years of hard work are joined by another brother, Roberto, a master of industrial arts who was going to help them in their spare time.

The year 1976 was a very significant year for this exemplary family. Floro, a man of great vision, realizes the growth potential of the young company and decides to create a society and give his brothers participation in the business. Then he decides to expand the services of Mueblerías Berríos to the town of Comerío. Floro gives participation to another of his brothers, Rubén.

That same year, given the extraordinary progress of this society, the four brothers agreed to join in what is now Empresas Berrios, one of the most solid and fastest developing companies in the industry.

Due to this high growth rate and with a view to the future, the facilities of the warehouse and the central offices are moved to the Caguas road heading to Río Piedras, an area with greater access to the main transportation routes and that due to its extension, facilitates existing and projected operations.

In 1995, being the number one furniture chain in Puerto Rico; It was bought by an American furniture store called Heilig Meyers. In that same year continuing the expansion, Heilig Meyers acquired the company BWAC. With this acquisition, 11 new branches were added to Mueblerías Berríos.

Over the years Mueblerías Berríos continues its growth by leaps and bounds around the entire island. It is here due to its rapid growth Mueblerías Berríos is obliged to have to expand its Distribution Center from 175.00 square feet to 400,000 square feet being currently the largest in Central America, with a fleet of around 100 trucks for a 1,000 daily delivery capacity.

For the year 2000 the Heiling Meyers decided to sell the furniture chain and Florencio Berrios, sure of the good opportunity that presented itself, decided to buy the company again. On this occasion a new generation is given way; It is his children and businessmen, Carlos Noel Berríos, Janice Rebeca Berríos and Héctor Emilio Berríos who have the task of continuing with such hard work.

Today, Empresas Berríos has 26 branches around the entire island, 2 liquidation centers, a service department with a structure of around 60,000 square feet and the largest distribution center in Central America.
How did you originally find Trax? Who recommended you to our company? Doug Spencer our previous Corp Group Vice-President told Abner about this great tool after meeting Dave in a High Point market show since Abner was researching which tool may adapt to Berrios Furniture Business Model for traffic counter and a CRM software.

What was the primary reason that you chose Trax?

The ability to track the in-store traffic and measure results from the CRM software. Also Dave’s service on helping us understand the program and the pricing helped us choose Trax.

Please tell us what your experience has been with our system.

I have submerge myself into Traxsales to be able to implement the system with our Spanish speaking employees. Traxsales has been a great tool that has helped us measure the effectiveness of each salesperson and the amount of traffic our stores are receiving.

What were you originally doing in your stores to track customer traffic and to follow up with unsold customers?

We were not tracking customer traffic before Trax. Most of our salespeople had notebooks with customers information to follow up with them.

How have your sales people reacted to the use of Trax?

How has the system changed the way you manage your company? In the beginning (2015) our sales people were resistant to use the tool because they didn’t understand it, but we took our time to teach them and created our own step by step guide to be sure they can understand the process and how this system helps them follow up with customers to make more sales.

What reports do you specifically use and how do you use them?

Traffic Analysis Reports to see and compare the amount of traffic for each of our stores.
IGE – Information Gathering Efficiency for customers that were not sold.

Our Operations Director and Sales Managers uses these and other reporting to see the performance in different areas.

We have a money back guarantee of a 15-25% increase in sales and productivity… have you noticed any performance differences or increases?

Ariel, our Operations Director is following up with the sales team and haven’t provided yet feedback about this.

If someone called you about Trax what would you tell them?

That Traxsales is a great tool with great customer service that will help increase any business sales opportunities and measure efficiently results and store traffic.

"If you can't track it, then you can't manage it"


Office: 713-466-7177

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