How to Boost Your Retail Store Conversion Rate

Are you getting a low conversion rate in your retail store, and so you are looking for ways to improve it? You have reached your destination. In this blog, we will share tips to increase your retail store conversion rate. Keep reading to learn more. 


While there are specific ways you can boost your conversion, you can invest in people counting software to collect your customer data to see how your store is performing. Moreover, let’s look at conversation-increasing tactics and start benefiting from day one. 

Know about your positioning 


Positioning is crucial to consider when you are getting a low conversion in your business. For example, consider placing the most attractive items at the entrance. Doing so will grab the visitor’s attention, resulting in increased sales. After all, if you want to know who is buying your product or who is not buying it, install people counting software in your store. 

Invest in your employees


Hiring an employee, putting them at work, and trying to make the most out of them is not an excellent way to manage things. Remember that your employees can give their best if they are trained from time to time. Yes, you heard the right. Training your employees and upgrading their skills is an investment that will return to you in the form of satisfied customers and profit. 

Optimizing staff 


While installing people counting software in your store is a wise investment, you need to think about your sales associates, who contribute a lot to your conversion rate. The people counter system will update the sales representatives about the store traffic. In that way, they will be able to offer quality services to potential customers. 

Bring a feeling of scarcity to your offline store


You might have purchased some products and services in your life knowing that you can’t buy them after a certain period of time. This is what is known as scarcity marketing. You can implement this marketing tactic in many ways. For example, you can only place some products in the front instead of putting all of them. It will make buyers think that they only have a few options to buy or they will lose it. 

Try a suggestive selling approach


Do you know what suggestive selling is? You can guess the definition of this technique by its name. After all, this is a great way to increase your conversion rate if you run a retail store. 


This is when your salesperson asks buyers to add some additional products if they have already made some purchases. Let’s understand it with an example. 


Suppose someone visits your grocery store to buy some household products. The customer purchases a lot of things. Now your salesperson can ask the customer to buy something that kids love. 


When trying suggestive selling, make sure you are not forcing your customer to buy something they are not interested in.



These are some conversion-increasing tips you can apply today in your retail business to boost your sales. In addition, you can also try cross-merchandising, price-matching policies, and simple checkout. But remember to install people counting software to evaluate foot traffic across your store. 


After all, Trax Sales offers a complete business solution for different kinds of physical businesses like retail stores. Our systems are equipped with live traffic analytics, visual proof, staff performance analysis, and conversation performance. 


The system offers 100% accurate customer count with live monitoring and alerts. Whether it is about short-term or long-term foot traffic, our traffic counter will always help you. 

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