Upgrade Your People Counter

Who Are You Gonna Call for People Counts?

Cellular stores are used to helping their customers upgrade their phones and their phone plans, but what they don’t realize is that their people counters need upgrading too, why should your product be the only thing that gets to hit the refresh button? Some retailers may not even use a people counter and it shows in their reports at the end of the year.  People counting technology has changed the way retailers look at sales and their revenue. Technology has come a long way from where  it started. It is within the realm of human nature to want to improve upon something that already exists. There have been many modes of communication in the past all of which have paved the way for technology and the digital age.  The first cellular phone to be produced was Motorolla’s prototype in 1973, but cell phones were not mass-marketed to the public until 1983. Nowadays cellular phones get upgraded every two to three years with new and upcoming technology to promote bug fixes and give cell phones a newer, fresher look. Mobile phones have changed the way people communicate and they have helped foster economic growth worldwide. Just like a cell phone needs an upgrade every two to three years, cellular stores need upgrading too. Cellular store owners are aware of the upgrades for their products, but what if they knew of technology that could help their stores increase profits and secure lifelong customers in the process? People counting methods have gotten their upgrades too since the 80s. The technology boom has helped countless people in the retail sector become more aware of their customers and the need to track their revenue as well as monitor customer satisfaction.  These technological advancements have helped change the way business owners market, promote, and sell their products. Installing a people counter in a cellphone store would help streamline the shopping experience, bring customers closer to finding exactly what they want, and hopefully turn them into repeat customers.  Competitiveness is the heartbeat of mobile stores, one bad experience could mean that a customer takes their business elsewhere.  People counting technology could help business owners beef up their marketing efforts and promotions to keep the customers they do have while attracting new customers with engaging marketing campaigns. 

People Counts Bridge the Gap


People counting technology has given store owners a deeper insight into what is happening within their store and at other locations. Not only has it provided insight into the way customers shop for cell phones, but this technology has also given salespeople and retailers the key to the disconnect between customers and retailers.  Have you ever played the game telephone? It starts with a piece of information that quickly distorts into something else entirely. A lot of owners and employees have been misinformed about what a people counter can do for a cellular store. Much like the cellular technology that changed the game of global communication, people counters allow owners and their employees to form better communication opportunities among themselves and their customers across all of their cellular store locations, and instead of guesswork being the mode in which owners operate, people counters allow peace of mind to business owners that their stores are bringing in revenue without sacrificing customer satisfaction. People counting technology bridges the gap between salesperson and customer, for example, retail store owners may make the mistake of viewing their customers through a sales lens instead of an interpersonal one. Cell phones have become much more than a way to communicate in some ways,  they have become extensions of individuality right down to the operating system a customer uses. Cellphones have also made an impact in the retail sector too, it seems that everywhere customers go an app follows. Applications allow store owners to go beyond brick and mortar and give their customers deals exclusive to their preferences and specifications. Installing a people counter in retail stores will allow store owners to zero in on their customer’s needs and provide them with targeted ads specifically tailored to their preferences. Cellular stores can use people counting technology to help their customers find a phone that works for them and is fit for their needs and budget. People counting technology will not only help salespeople bridge the gap between customers and staff but also between ‘just looking’ and ‘sale’. 


Why People Counts Matter 


The phrase work smarter, not harder could not be more true in the retail sector, like with cellular technology improving communication. Business owners can find solutions with people counters that allow them to be hands-on without overworking themselves. People counters work with what salespeople and owners have already built to give them a familiar foundation to extend their reach into. Cellphones get upgraded every two to three years, if store owners have a strong, accurate people counting solution in place they can increase their revenue and reinvigorate their marketing efforts. A people counter matters to cellular stores because when a salesperson gets overwhelmed with customers and may need a bit of help regulating their salesfloor people counters can help make sure stores are staffed correctly and that every customer is matched with a staff member that can cater to their needs. Furthermore, people counting technology can also alert salespeople of understaffing and overstaffing when it is needed. People counters allow salespeople to be more proactive in their sales and the tools provided by a people counter will also help owners track overall sales productivity. Installing people counters in stores will help owners manage their staff, marketing budget, and sales floor. People counters can save retailers from blunders that don’t cross others’ minds often or at all. 


Marketing with a People Counter


Store owners may not realize that they can do so much more with a people counter than count customer traffic, installing this software within a store will help retailers hone in on their target audience and market their product effectively. Such as product placement within your store,  which displays customers spend most of their time and why. A great marketing strategy starts with your customers,  a retailer must have something a customer wants to be successful. No matter what retailers sell if they don’t at least have something a customer will buy whether out of necessity or desire, they will be dead in the water.  A people counter can provide a space in which customer feedback is listened to and implemented in refreshed marketing strategies. Cellular stores benefit from people counters because they provide new data and metrics that will help salespeople manage their sales floor and provide an updated staffing analysis so that the sales floor isn’t cramped or crowded for patrons, but also isn’t barren when a customer has a question. People counters can help retailers find a happy medium while also helping them reach their sales goals.


Customers and Counts 

Customer data can be the greatest insight into creating an effective marketing plan that reaches a new demographic and keeps a retailer relevant. Marketing strategies that employ customer feedback are vital because they are not only providing their customers with what they want and need, but retailers are showing their customers that they are being listened to. Retailers that listen to customer feedback can build up loyalty. Cellular stores can use customer feedback to come up with powerful marketing campaigns that fit their customer base while implementing new promotions and strategies that attract new customers. People counting technology will allow customers to find a phone that works for them and meets their specifications while also helping salespeople reach their sales goals and may help exceed them. When customers come into cellular stores they have a vague idea of what they are looking for in a phone or phone plan, having a people counter in a cellular store will help streamline services by offering customers access to knowledgeable salespeople that can point their customers in the right direction of the phone they feel comfortable using. The more ways that employees have to communicate with a customer, the more opportunities they have to provide good customer service. Such as personalized ads and deals that would benefit both the customer and the retailer.  People counting technology will help salespeople connect with their customers in their cellular stores. If customers feel valued, they are more likely to return to the people they care about.  People counting technology can help you understand how customers are interacting with and reacting to different marketing campaigns and promotions in-store. Cellular stores are inherently competitive because the market for mobile phones is always changing and customers are always on the lookout for new ways to improve mobile devices. 

Changes in People Counts  

People counters will not only help retailers make important business decisions like how to arrange their salesfloor and streamline services for their customers, but they will also help salespeople feel heard too. People counters may act as a benchmark for salesperson performance with personalized metrics to see the overall revenue they brought in for their location. Investing in people counting technology will help retailers understand their sales data,  allow them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, and also examine their salespeople more closely. Not only will a people counter help increase revenue, but it can also increase morale among salespeople. If something isn’t being measured how can it be improved upon? If a salesperson doesn’t know what aspect of a potential sale to work on they are going in blind to the opportunities they would have been given,  had they thought about the sale a different way. People counters can provide the metrics that retailers and salespeople need to connect so that when a sales opportunity comes into the store, it goes as smoothly as possible and retailers have to make sure that they are not only making a sale, but that  communication about salesperson expectations isn’t lacking. 


A big part of buying a cellphone is shopping around for deals that are in the best interest of the customer and their needs, and customers make sure that they are getting the best deal for their dollar and that includes customer service and store promotions, and marketing campaigns. Customers will buy from a cellular retailer that closely aligns with their budget and what they want from their phone plan. A people counter is no different than retailers who want something that will last and be within their budget and help them accurately track the traffic that comes into their retail stores. If you are a  cellular retailer on the hunt for something that will last and bring in revenue for you and give you an insight into how to make better sales, TRAXsales has the people counter for your stores. 


Why  Call TRAX for People Counts?


Just like with cellular devices, people counters have been around for years. But just like with  cell phones, store owners need to upgrade their people-counting devices, including how they count store traffic. The nice thing about TRAX is our system grows with your business and provides you with analytics that you may not have known you needed.  We provide you with live traffic analytics that you can access from any smart device so that you can see just how busy your stores are, as well as access to time-stamped photos of every opportunity that visits your storefront. Have you ever fallen victim to being overstaffed or understaffed but never known how to go about fixing it? With our patented HotZone Report, you will always know where your staffing sweet spot is. This people counting system provides detailed hourly staffing reports so you can stay informed before staffing blunders can even happen. Do you want a better relationship with your employees? Reward them with a staffing report that accurately tracks their sales. The Below Average Brought To Average or BABTA report will reinvigorate your salespeople. By rewarding your salespeople, your store’s productivity may increase and so will the morale among salespeople. Have you ever wondered what your closing ratios are? Have your salespeople ever wondered how many sales they have closed individually? TRAX takes guesswork out of the equation so you can accurately measure sales by store and by salesperson. 

People Counter

Does your traffic remain unmeasured? Do you need  a better way to track sales and revenue? Technicians are standing by to give you the conversion ratios and sales reports of your dreams! Don’t wait, call TRAX today!

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