Improving Customer Service by Counting Customers

Retail brick and mortar businesses have been hard hit with the rise of the Internet. Online shopping has become a mainstay for people looking to purchase from the comfort of their own homes.  According to a report, poor customer service has resulted in an estimated $83 million decline in sales for retail businesses. Furthermore, an estimated 62% of consumers changed their preferred brand over the previous 2 years due to poor customer service. 

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With the high number of stores closing due to lack of profits and an increasing number of mall outlets becoming vacant, how can brick and mortar stores stay afloat? The answer is simple: improve the in-store customer service – an asset that is not available for online stores . Doing this will give your store a competitive advantage.

Business owners and store managers should work on improving their stores’ customer service by knowing the answer to certain questions like: What differentiates their store from their competitors? When are the peak and low hours for your locations? Even if you have been in business for quite some time and you think you already know the answers to these questions, you may be shocked to know that the information on which you are basing your business decisions are inaccurate.. You need to make your business decisions based on accurate data and analytics, as well as dependable reports that are generated from a retail traffic counting system.

A retail traffic counter will help you determine the actual number of store customers made a purchase, how many did not buy purchase, when your store’s had peak hours and the number of  employees you have working the sales floor during peak and slow hours.

A retail traffic counting system can help you improve your overall in-store customer service in three main ways:

* Eradicate The Showroom Phenomenon  

The growth of internet may affect your in-store sales but your brick and mortar retail store does not need to suffer. With the help of a traffic counting system you can assess your in-store customer-traffic and the number of online site visitors to identify if people are coming to your store and then buying online. You can use the collected data to improve your in-store customer service and show your customers that your staff is providing valuable information when making purchases.

* Compare Profit & Sales At Other Locations

Using a retail people counting system can help you determine your peak customer traffic, when you are having the most number of transactions and of course when these two numbers overlap. The system will also determine when you are experiencing slow hours and decreased sales. Comparing the data of your strong and weak periods can help you determine if there is something wrong or missing and you can find a solution to remedy these issues.

* Improve Operational Efficiency

A retail store traffic counting system can give you a deep insight into effectively managing and operating your business including the optimization of your staffing level. A retail traffic counter provides data on your peak and slow hours, to help you allocate labor appropriately and by doing this increases your profit and sales.  Aside from that, a people counting system can also help you evaluate your employees’ performance, measure speed of service, improve customer service and subsequently increase business profitability.

Keep in mind that improving in-store customer service and engagement not only increases your in-store sales, it also increases brand loyalty

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