Mining for the Gems in Your Jewelry Store’s Traffic Count & Retail Analytics

With summer almost officially upon us, that means it’s also wedding engagement season. With the exception of December, the summer months are generally the most popular months for engagement proposals. That means that engagement ring shoppers will be out in full force, which also means that if you’re the owner or manager of a jewelry store, you need to make certain that your store isn’t just staffed sufficiently, but that your staff is also ready to close every single sales opportunity. Do you currently have a comprehensive system in place with which to assess and measure such standards? If your answer is “no,” you could be losing thousands in potential sales, if you don’t track such vital information.

Track Customer Count
Since customers are the lifeline of your business, it’s a known fact that you should be tracking — at the very least — the number of people coming into your jewelry store. When you know how many people are coming in, you can then use that data to reveal other key performance indicators and factors that affect how effectively your business is performing.

● Traffic Flow – For example, a door counter will not only tell you how many people are coming in, but it will tell you when they’re coming in, which can help you to better schedule your staff for peak times and to ensure appropriate coverage for breaks and lunches.

● Average Sale Amount – A traffic count, when divided into your total daily sales dollars, will also tell you how much your average sale is, which tells you how well your sales staff is at adding on to their sales and prompting better warranty and jewelry protection sales by maximizing every buying customer.

● Closing or Conversion Ratio – Also, when you divide your number of sales by the total traffic count for any period, you’ll know what percentage of visitors are being converted into buying customers, which can help you to determine the closing ratio for your store or any individual employee.

Beyond Your Traffic Count
Having listed just a few of the huge benefits of having a door traffic counter in your jewelry store, the benefits are even greater when you combine the door counter with an opportunity tracker and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. When you incorporate CRM into your retail data arsenal to track opportunities and manage your relationship with people that have visited your store, you not only strengthen your ties and rapport with them, but you can follow up and better anticipate their needs in order to focus on growing that bond with them.

TRAX Sales: Your One-Stop Solution
For one-stop convenience and world-class service, trust the retail analytics experts at TRAX Sales to equip you and your jewelry sales professionals with everything you need to not only sell more effectively, but work more efficiently, increasing your margin, sales, and overall performance. Not only does their revolutionary traffic counter offer unmatched cutting-edge technology to count your customers more accurately than old methods, but the Visual Proof 2 software works in conjunction with their UpBoard CRM program to provide real-time traffic analysis reports and other key metrics that help to boost sales.

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