Moving IFPOS to new server

The steps to moving IFPOS:

Source Server
1. Stop and disable the existing service so it doesn’t end up running on two servers at once
a. Click Start -> Run…
b. Type services.msc and press ENTER
c. Right-click on the TRAXsales IFPOS Service and choose Properties…
d. Change the Startup type to Disabled
e. Click on the Stop button to immediately halt the service
2. Copy the files from C:\IFPOS to the new server (into the same C:\IFPOS path) using the network or a USB stick

Destination Server
1. Navigate to the C:\IFPOS folder
2. Right-click on the IFPOS.Service.exe application and choose Run as administrator…
3. If prompted confirm to allow the program to continue, otherwise proceed to the next step
4. When the window appears press I on the keyboard to install the service
5. You can close the window
6. To start the service repeat step 2-3 and press S when prompted to start the service (you can also do this from the Services Control Panel)
7. Check the logs folder (C:\IFPOS\logs) and for success / failure

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