The Secret That The Top Salespeople in the World Don't Want You To Know!
"Next Item Needed"

The “NIN” Next Item Needed is the heart of TRAX and if used properly can and will dramatically increase your sales! NIN is a concept that is foreign to most salespeople, but it is the secret that the multimillion-dollar producers in this industry jealously hide from everyone. Once you make a sale it’s human nature to get them out the door. The question sometimes becomes, what if I keep them in the store with a couple more questions and they change their mind about the original purchase? I am here to tell you that 99% of all customers truly appreciate someone looking out for them in the future and most of the time if NIN is done right it cements an ongoing quality relationship. IE: for a very small amount of additional work the ROI is phenomenal! Keep in mind TRAX automatically makes this happen for each salesperson every day!

You can easily check your NIN on the Master To-Do List (see last column below)

This is a concept invented by John F. Lawhon, author of The Selling Bible and you should buy this book at it is the best book I have ever read on the subject of selling. Mr. Lawhon before writing this book spent hundreds of hours interviewing the top multimillion-dollar producers in the Home Furnishings Industry. He discovered one fantastic common denominator and this a secret that most top producers did not want to share. John discovered that all of these top producers had a common skill where they asked every customer who just purchased before they went out the door what they might be interested in for their home in the future. This is from page 71 and you should memorize these words. 

Mrs. Jones, I noticed that you stopped and looked at other things in the store today because I do like to help my customers any way I can, do you mind telling me what you think you will be buying next for your home? Then I can keep my eye out for you. If it goes on special or we get something in I think you will like better, I’ll give you a ring or drop you a line. You may want to stop in and take a look at it. The customer will tell that salesperson what it will be every time and they won’t even have to think about it.

If you do it with those exact words, it will work nearly every single time.  (Hint, you should put these words on a cheat sheet and keep it in your pocket at all times…)

The professional will then say: “Mrs. Jones, as long as you are here, would you mind walking through that department on your way out and show me what would best meet your needs, then I will have an even better idea of what to be looking for.” John says it is a rare customer who doesn’t.

When you learn this NIN and enter it into eTRAX we will remind you on the proper day to follow up and what exactly to do next.

This customer’s information will be emailed to the salesperson the morning they need it. It’s like giving each salesperson their own personal secretary.

Please don’t forget that NIN does not cost you a penny and is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal, but just like IGE, it will take passion from top management to get your people in the habit of doing this every time they make a sale. The only way it will work is if you check the master IGE Report and see which salespeople are getting NIN’s and reward them. Trust me, when you reward the top performers word will travel fast to those who want to improve.


This is the most important tool we provide and just imaging where your company would be if you had a couple salespeople in each store who were too busy to take ups throughout the day because they had appointments created through the NIN program…

PS if you get passionate about the NIN this will be by far the best year you have ever had… Let’s do this!

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