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Traxsales Now Providing Traffic Counting Apps to the Wireless Industry

Wireless Retailers Can Count on Customer Counting to Increase Their Sales Opportunities and Profits

Houston, TX – February 07, 2020 – Traxsales, Inc. (, a leading provider of visual proof traffic counting systems and CRM solutions, is pleased to announce its deployment into the wireless telecom industry with a new customer queue solution specifically designed for wireless retailers. Traxsales’ Wishing Well Greeter provides retailers with the most accurate traffic count possible while capturing unsold customer information, enabling sales teams to learn true closing ratios, effectively manage customer overflow, and provide immediate targeted customer service as well as easy and comprehensive post-sales and visit follow-up.

Family owned and operated for 24 years, Traxsales is a pioneer in traffic counting applications, providing its unique visual proof people counters and integrated CRM software across a wide spectrum of retail verticals that include furniture, jewelry, power sports and sporting goods stores. Some of the retailers and the thousands of locations Traxsales currently services include

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, La-Z-Boy, Ashley Furniture Homestore, Furniture Mart USA, Corinne Jewelers, Relax the Back, and Wireless Zone, a Verizon Wireless authorized dealer.

The Traxsales Visual Proof Traffic Counting System employs HD camera technology rather than infrared sensor data to provide the most accurate retail store traffic counts available. With visual proof, customers can be quickly recognized and assigned to sales staff. Visitors are counted only upon entry rather than on door entrance and exits like other systems, thereby eliminating double counts off the bat. Customers arriving in groups are more accurately counted and non-customer activity like store deliveries can be easily tracked and subtracted.

Visitor traffic flow, footfall measurements, and elapsed visitor time-spend allow for fast and effective calculation of any location’s conversion ratio as well as tracking and analysis of trends and customer interest, along with the effectiveness of in-store sales and promotions placement. With accurate visitor time-related tracking across all retail locations, staffing levels can be easily optimized, customer service enhanced, and retail performance quickly analyzed, evaluated and improved.

The system monitors all aspects of salesperson activity and sales results, ensuring every customer opportunity is handled properly and sales are maximized. Store performance and salesperson statistics can be viewed at any time through reports that breakdown time spent with customers, customer information gathering, monthly goals, unsold opportunities, advertising cost per opportunity, advertising opportunities by product, customer reasons for not purchasing, below average sales volume and closing ratios, and employee activity.

Traxsales is now providing its visual proof customer counting system to wireless retailers. The Wireless Zone, with more than 300 locations, is the first to benefit from the implementation of the Traxsales Wishing Well Greeter system. Designed specifically for wireless retailers, it streamlines salesforce management with the most accurate traffic counts possible, tracks sold and unsold opportunities, effectively manages customer overflow, enhances salesperson responsiveness, and provides immediate targeted customer service – improving customer satisfaction along with sales and profits.

“Prior to using Traxsales, I had no idea of the actual number of people who were coming in, and the only way I could measure business at multiple locations was by looking at the Point-of-Sale data,” says Adam Anolik, a Wireless Zone retail storeowner with locations throughout the Philadelphia, PA., area. “With Traxsales, I was able to measure that I had a lot of people coming in, and once I realized how many people were coming in and how ineffective my employees were, I replaced the employees and tripled my gross profits – a 300 percent increase monthly. I love everything about Trax, it turned my business from a marginal one into a thriving one.”

“Traxsales tracking technology is something that needs to be in every wireless retailer’s toolbox,” says Don Rossi, Traxsales Vice-President of Business Development. “With the accuracy of the Trax system, there’s no better way to understand the traffic in every store in relation to sales data. It’s extremely effective in turning unsold opportunities into profits.”

“We’re very excited about this new venture into the wireless retail arena and establishing partnerships with leading telecom providers, master dealers and dealers,” says Spencer Mink, Traxsales Vice-President. “We know we can provide systems that align with the needs of wireless retailers and which go beyond simply tracking and counting, but offers them a comprehensive solution that lets them easily manage their retail sales, from in-store placement to staffing across all their locations. Knowledge is power, and better knowledge of their business and customers adds up to better profitability.”

For more information, contact Don Rossi, Traxsales Vice-President of Business Development, at or phone 713-466-7177.

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