Make an extra Million per store


Follow These Steps


Purchase a big screen TV with great appeal in a good looking Box. Sams or Costco always have great deals 65 inch for as low as $280. Leave the TV in the Box and display it close to the front door with a nice sign that says please enter for our “Free Television Giveaway”. Of course both sold and unsold customers may enter but when an unsold customer enters the sales person should get the customer’s information so they can put the information in TraxSales and also then put it in the Trax wishing well contest Box.



 Hold the sale on a low impact (non payday) Friday and be prepared to extend it through Sunday.


(Optional) Take all unsold customer information out of eTrax in an excel export and send it to your printer to print postcards announcing your private sale. Make it a good sale event with some good values.


Get your sales team to follow up with all of their unsold customers and set up appointments using the Trax Texting service. This gives management a log of all texting activity, not just what the sales person sends to the customer but also what the customers reply was. It also is much safer than asking your salespeople to use their personal cell phone numbers because let’s face it some of our customers are weirdos. The texting service is very cheap and we give each salesperson their own personal cell phone number, so even if a salesperson leaves your company you don’t lose all of that texting history. The 1st time my friend Bobby did this sale (5 stores here in Texas) they had 184 appointments and 141 purchased and they did over $220,000. Bobby also recently told me that last year he did an extra million dollars at each store because of Trax. So it’s obviously worth the effort.

Bobby also uses an outside texting service for mass texting. Twilio is a good company with very competitive rates.

But by far the most effective way to comunicate with your unsold customers is to have your individual sales associates contact their unsold with a personal call then a personal text that I can help you write as a template.

This really works and requires very little effort on your part and almost no money other than the TV which if you give that away once a quarter it’s less than $100 per month per store.

Isn’t that worth an extra million per store per year.

It really works…

You are going to be very happy if you give this a try.

I am here to help in any way possible.

Here is Bobby’s story…

"If you can't track it, then you can't manage it"


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