Many of our current clients found us while searching for a solution that would provide them with their company’s overall conversion ratio, but they ended up finding so much more!

The TraxSales People Counter gives Owners and Operators the data needed to triple their management’s overall effectiveness. Such as:

  •  A live customer foot traffic count
  •  An analysis of their staffing performance in real-time
  • An accurate conversion ratio for the overall store, by product category, and even for each salesperson
  •  Performance dashboards that make it easier than ever to use data when trying to improve your marketing, staffing, or sales.
The TraxSales People Counter provides over 35 performance reports alone. Making it easier than ever to manage your store. Here are a few of our goals as your partner.
  • Increase sales by at least 15-25%
  • Eliminate the need to spend countless hours running manual reports.
  • Increase customer rapport and their overall experience while in your store
  • Increase your management teams confidence when making important decisions

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"If you can't track it, then you can't manage it"


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