Retail Traffic Counters Revealing More Than Customer Traffic

It is becoming commonplace in today’s retail market for stores to use data and analytics to ensure that their stores are running at optimum levels and that they are maximizing profits.  If you are not using precise data to run your business, there is a good chance you and using hypothesis (educated guesses).

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Guesswork although may have worked for you in the past but with the increased competitiveness of the retail sector you must use accurate information to ensure that you are maximizing every dollar you spend and converting the most sales possible.  That is why we are in the retail business, right? To Make Money.

In the past retail store owner used rudimentary hand clickers to know the traffic counts of who was coming into their locations.  That technology led to the next step up which was infrared technology, but even that form of collecting customer traffic has become outdated.  Video and Visual Proof has become the best way to have the most accurate data for your retail locations.

If you have read this far you know that what I am talking about is correct and you want to know how to streamline your business with this technology. Let me first ask you a few questions?

  1. Do you want to optimally staff your stores (no extra employees during slow hour and the right amount during high traffic hours)?
  2. Do you want to know if you marketing and promotions are working?
  3. Do you want to know traffic trends over a day, week, month or year?
  4. Do you want to increase sales conversion rate and have better customer service?

My guess would be you answered yes to every one of the questions above. A smart store owner or manager would have.  So what’s the next step?

Let us walk you through a 15-minute demo of how traffic counters work as well as receive a free eBook called “Using Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”.  15 Minutes could increase your sales and profits by 15%.

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