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People Counters Optimize retail sales

People counters are a crucial investment for retail stores and can help retailers understand their sales statistics and improve their sales exponentially. This customer counting technology allows retailers to do various things like; scheduling staff appropriately to avoid employee conflict, optimize their sales floor so that their customers can move around with ease, and monitor …

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Improve profitability with a people counter

Improving overall profitability is the goal with a people counter this technology is imperative to the retail industry and its success. People counters enable retailers to monitor customer traffic, schedule their staff appropriately, and optimize their sales floor. People counting technology not only monitors sales data but also benchmarks salesperson performance and compares data at …

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People counts save sales

The importance of a people counter is often glossed over by retailers because they don’t know what kind of benefits they can reap from the software. People counters help with scheduling, sales floor optimization, and monitoring conversion rates. This technology helps retailers realize customer shopping trends and monitor peak hours for their stores. The reports …

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Smarter ways to count

Investing in a people counter is a smart business decision for every retailer because it not only increases sales but can monitor conversion ratios. Accuracy is important in the retail industry because retailers need to know their sales data in order to flourish. Today people counters can do so much more than count customer traffic, …

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Take the confusion out of the people counts

When retailers look at their sales data sometimes it can be confusing, with a people counter it doesn’t have to be. Investing in this technology can enhance the way customer traffic is monitored and recorded. People counters will help optimize a sales floor, schedule salespeople and improve customer relations. This technology helps retailers understand customer …

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