Holiday Sales Season Coming; Will Your Retail Store Make As Much Money As Possible?

Although the Christmas music is not yet playing when you walk into stores and we have not reached Halloween, it does not mean that retail operations are not gearing up for the holiday season.  From the beginning of November to Black Friday to Christmas Day it means that shoppers will be on the prowl to find the perfects gifts for their friends and family members.

Retail stores love this time of year as it means that they are going to make a lot of money. Owners are already hiring new employees and training them to get them fully prepared for the holiday crowds. A lot of retail operations know that this time of year brings in sales and other than bringing in some seasonal workers do not do much else. They know that just having their doors open means that they will be making profits and sales, but are you ensuring you are capturing all of those potential dollars or are you letting money slip through the cracks and go to your competitors?

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There are two main ways to make sure that you are making the most money possible:

  1. Drive more customers through your doors
  2. Increase sales conversion ratios

During the holiday sales season the shoppers are out in full force, and you want them to come visit your operation for a chance to get them to open their wallets and purses for you.  In order to do this, most businesses run advertising promotions. But the question is which ones are working and giving you the best ROI? You do not want to be trying out promotions during the peak season only to find out that you should have some something different after Christmas.

Secondly, let’s talk sales conversion ratios.  People coming into your store is step one, having them make a purchase however is the ultimate goal.  Just hiring more employees for the increased client traffic is a great start but will it ensure that you are making sales? Probably not.  Your customer service & client satisfaction needs to be at optimum levels during both peak and low traffic flow periods.  Do you know when those times are or do you just staff according to your gut feelings?

There is a solution to maximizing your profits, it is called a retail traffic counter.  It will take the guess work out of running your business and turn customer traffic data into business decisions that will make sure that this will be one of the most profitable sales seasons ever for your business……as well as 2017.

To read more about retail traffic counter solutions click the link below and get your free eBook “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”.  It will show you why more and more businesses are implementing these systems in their business model.  There is a reason that Walmart put these in place in the past month to get ready for the holiday sales season that is right around the corner.

Get Your Free Retail Optimization Ebook by Clicking Here

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