IGE “Information Gathering Efficiency”
and how it will immediately and dramatically improve performance…

Dear Trax Family and Leadership Teams,

IGE or Information Gathering Efficiency is a report Trax created to help identify which sales associates are not very good at capturing customer information if a sale is not made. Let’s face it if you just sprinkle be-back dust on your unsold customer opportunities your chances of getting them back in the store and closing the sale are greatly reduced compared to being able to perform a professional follow-up. The beauty of the IGE report is that this report only tracks when you are able to get a phone number, address or email… IF YOU DID NOT MAKE THE SALE.

Please notice several features on the screen shot.
1. You have a comparison of the Traffic Counts to the # of opportunities entered into the UpBoard. If you have more than a 20% difference you might be understaffed and should give the Hot Zone report special attention. If you are severely understaffed, you might be losing a great deal of customers and this should be your top priority.
2. The bottom row are totals and comparisons, and all numbers are benchmarked meaning if a number is below the average at the bottom it will be red and if above the average, it will be green.
3. #3. Focus on red percentages for Both Collected (this is addresses and phone numbers.) If you are below 40% you are missing a great opportunity to dramatically improve. We all know that you will never get 100% of the personal information from potential customers who shop your company, but trust me the great sales pros will get it 60+% of the time. You should set up a regular spiff contest rewarding the best people in your company in this area. Honestly what could be more important than being able to follow-up with a great new opportunity that you just spent an hour with that did not purchase. This in my opinion is one of the most important skills you could learn as a sales professional. Regarding the spiff contest, if they don’t hit 30% or some minimum number they can’t participate in the contest for that week or month. This is an easy skill to learn and a must if you want to dramatically improve sales numbers and break sales records. It takes passion to get this part of Trax off the ground, but it’s well worth the effort!

If you want to see great improvement I would focus on all salespeople who are at 30% IGE or below and find out what is making them tick. If you are just now kicking this off, I would immediately reward the top person in each showroom with tickets to a show or Dinner for 2. These people if they maintain this level of success will make you hundreds of thousands over time by building your customer database and developing long term relationships, so splurge… And give every one of them the… Congratulations!…They Deserve! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me. Trust me, if you get good at this it will literally be worth millions in additional sales dollars over time.

The question becomes…How is it possible for several salespeople to exceed 60% or more? I recommend that you make this the first topic of conversation every day for 21 days and then sit back and watch the magic.


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